Part virtual museum and part magazine, Riff Diaries is an extension of the idea and effort of the Jodhpur Riff festival, independently curated by Oijo. Reports in the mainstream media tend to miss out on details and nuances that Riff Diaries will train its eyes on while trying to capture the heart of the festival, its setting, challenges, aspirations and ideas using writing, images and video. The most important element for us here is the music and the people who make it— particularly the folk musicians. The magic of Jodhpur Riff concerts is ephemeral but the philosophy and efforts that go into making the music are recorded here so that the dialogue doesn’t have to stop. What happens when such a baffling range of musical influences and philosophies comes together? How do musicians who are at the cutting edge of international music collaborate with keepers of tradition from way before our times? How do you create new sounds from unfamiliar methods in a chaotic setting and yet stay honest and committed to the cause of good music? What sort of a future will emerge from this exquisite melting pot? These are just some of the questions we are examining here. But most of all, Riff Diaries will aim to keep the magic of Jodhpur Riff lingering because festivities don’t have to stop in between festivals.


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